Yoga pants. What’s yoga?

Lucy Yoga Pants

Were yoga pants ever just for yoga?  We all know they are the most comfortable pants ever let loose on the world.   I wear them a lot and have looked everywhere for great yoga pants including:  Lucy, Lululemon, Gap Body, Nike, Adidas, Athleta, Juicy and more. One complaint though; all pants are too long. Although the average American woman is 5’4″ (my height) for some reason they make them all way too long.  Cheaper for them but a real pain for the rest of us. I also like them snug but not too tight in the butt and thighs.  Of course, this is dependent on how big your butt and thighs are.  My favorite:

Lucy: These pants are amazing.  They have the best fit – sleek through the leg but flared at the bottom.  They are a bit pricey but they wear well and pack perfectly.