How to stop trending and become a classic.

Madame X, the John Singer Sargent classic, wears a WSR black velvet tube scarf

Spending too much on one-season items? Get off the fad-track.  A few seasonal trends add punch to your wardrobe, but if you have a closet full, you’ll be spending a ton of money on items you can throw out every year.  Here’s how to stop trending and become a classic.

YOU have a style (vs. some one else’s/designer’s style).  Designer fashion should only be a base point for YOUR style.  What is your style?  Start by thinking about what you want from your personal style: to be the standout in the crowd, have the only “something” in town (scarf, dress, bag, shoes), be comfortable and stylish…?  What do you want to say at work? Professional, fun and flirty, funny, knowledgeable?

Now, take a look at some people wearing something similar to your style and go from there. You can do a lot of personalizing with accessories over classic traditional clothes (no, I did not say out-of-date clothes, just classic lines, prints and colors). A little brown work dress for instance, can be made over completely with complimentary patterned leggings, great shoes that make your ankles look smaller and your legs longer, a scarf that draws attention to your pretty face and long neck, or a stand-out belt to show off your small waist. Add a classic designer black blazer and you WILL stand out at work – in a good way.

Camouflage flaws always. Forget fashion that doesn’t work with  your body shape, face shape, length of your legs…  We all know that skinny jeans do not make you look skinny! In fact, a narrow leg only works on women that already have long thin legs…and thighs!

Add sentiment to make it yours – like a great scarf, bold bracelet cuff or a bright green bag! Go big with accessories but in keeping with your newly defined style.

Oh, and one more thing. Never refer to your clothes by the designer name! This is YOUR look!