Leg Warmers – still in fashion

Still in fashion-leg warmers

I admit it. I still love the 80s. Yes, the music, too.  And…they’re back – well, at least some of the fashion is back. Everywhere I look there are unconstructed jackets, slim pants or leggings and leg warmers.  I love leg warmers!

There was a time I wanted to look like Oliva Newton John or that girl from Fame. Back then, I wore leg warmers over jeans hanging over my boots and red heals as well as with skirts and dresses. They not only look great – they keep  you warmer, too (well, except for those crochet ones). 

Left to Right:  stripes, green spat-style, crocheted, gray knit


Yoga pants. What’s yoga?

Lucy Yoga Pants

Were yoga pants ever just for yoga?  We all know they are the most comfortable pants ever let loose on the world.   I wear them a lot and have looked everywhere for great yoga pants including:  Lucy, Lululemon, Gap Body, Nike, Adidas, Athleta, Juicy and more. One complaint though; all pants are too long. Although the average American woman is 5’4″ (my height) for some reason they make them all way too long.  Cheaper for them but a real pain for the rest of us. I also like them snug but not too tight in the butt and thighs.  Of course, this is dependent on how big your butt and thighs are.  My favorite:

Lucy: These pants are amazing.  They have the best fit – sleek through the leg but flared at the bottom.  They are a bit pricey but they wear well and pack perfectly.