What is Up-Classic?

WSR wrist gloves and infinity scarfI love wrist warmers. I like to call them wrist gloves because I wear them almost year ’round in my office and with work clothes.   

Although they do help keep you warmer at the office by covering those pulse points, that’s not the reason I love them. 

I like the way they make my arms and hands look. I like the sleek lengthening look I can get by using classic colors and simple styling. 

And they’re great for showing off bold jewelry. They create this backdrop at the wrist that elongates the arm and hand and makes anything on your wrist stand out.

 And, if you put the wrist gloves with similar colors in pants or tops, and add a coordinating scarf – you will look slimmer all over! No kidding! 

Styling with similar coordinated solid colors creates the illusion of slimming and lengthening the torso, legs and arms while adding drama at our best features – the neck and wrist! 

I don’t know about you, but that is the kind of fashion I want; fashion that makes me look better and  accentuates my good parts.  I tend to ignore the super trendy in clothes but go for it in jewelry, scarves and accessories. 

That’s my definition of up-classic fashion.


How to stop trending and become a classic.

Madame X, the John Singer Sargent classic, wears a WSR black velvet tube scarf

Spending too much on one-season items? Get off the fad-track.  A few seasonal trends add punch to your wardrobe, but if you have a closet full, you’ll be spending a ton of money on items you can throw out every year.  Here’s how to stop trending and become a classic.

YOU have a style (vs. some one else’s/designer’s style).  Designer fashion should only be a base point for YOUR style.  What is your style?  Start by thinking about what you want from your personal style: to be the standout in the crowd, have the only “something” in town (scarf, dress, bag, shoes), be comfortable and stylish…?  What do you want to say at work? Professional, fun and flirty, funny, knowledgeable?

Now, take a look at some people wearing something similar to your style and go from there. You can do a lot of personalizing with accessories over classic traditional clothes (no, I did not say out-of-date clothes, just classic lines, prints and colors). A little brown work dress for instance, can be made over completely with complimentary patterned leggings, great shoes that make your ankles look smaller and your legs longer, a scarf that draws attention to your pretty face and long neck, or a stand-out belt to show off your small waist. Add a classic designer black blazer and you WILL stand out at work – in a good way.

Camouflage flaws always. Forget fashion that doesn’t work with  your body shape, face shape, length of your legs…  We all know that skinny jeans do not make you look skinny! In fact, a narrow leg only works on women that already have long thin legs…and thighs!

Add sentiment to make it yours – like a great scarf, bold bracelet cuff or a bright green bag! Go big with accessories but in keeping with your newly defined style.

Oh, and one more thing. Never refer to your clothes by the designer name! This is YOUR look!

Way-back machine: shopping cart seats

Baby Shopper - First shopping cart seats

I started out in design in the mid 80’s. My son was 14 months old and there was no such thing as a shopping cart seat. I needed something to bolt the active little guy down, so I designed one and started a small business on my kitchen table. Those days, no one thought twice about germs and the designs arriving on the market about the same time as my Baby Shopper, were all about comfort and containment.

Forward twenty-some years and it’s a whole new world of baby stuff.  I was in Buy Buy Baby a few weeks ago and was stunned by the amount of stuff that no one actually needs for their baby. But…evidently people buy, buy. Do we really need a Clip-n-Go Health and Grooming Ring that clips to a diaper bag? Most babies have little hair or if they do have hair, it typically does its own thing for the first couple of years.  Is there ever a hair combing or nail clipping emergency?

Anyway, my point is that the baby world of design is where I started. I loved designing that seat, sketching ideas, creating patterns and trying out different concepts.  These days I am into accessory design – scarves, jewelry and wrist gloves.  Wrist gloves, aka wrist warmers or fingerless gloves are another creation based on need.  I’m a cold person.  I have looked for years for wrist warmers that were not made to throw a snowball. I didn’t want thick knits, lacy cuffs or those made from pink stripe knee socks.  I just wanted something nice looking – very tailored, to wear to work that covered my wrist pulse points. Wrist warmers (or wrist gloves), along with scarves that cover the neck pulse points, will keep you warmer while leaving your fingers free so you can continue to tweet, text, hold a pen or use a keyboard. I couldn’t find them, so I designed them.