Madame X wearing a WSR knit scarf

I’m a cold person. Not in the emotional sense generally, although there might be a few people that would disagree.  I love scarves and hoodies, leg warmers, big cozy jackets and it really doesn’t matter much what time of year (although, I’m not crazy).  The big problem was being cold at my office regardless of the time of year or city I was living in at the time. I have nearly frozen to death working trade shows or sitting in meetings – but for much of my early career years, I was the only woman in the room. Complaining just got me nicknamed frosty or worse. I gave up complaining and started layering.

I started out as a designer of a children’s line in the mid-80s.  Actually, it started when I designed a shopping cart seat to keep my active toddler son from tumbling out.  At that time, my Baby Shopper was one of the first cart seats on the market. Eventually, I sold that small business, took a few detours through business marketing and now I’m back designing accessories for working women – particularly those other cold women of the world. 

I am Debbi Lynn and you can find me here or at WhitestoneRoad.com


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