How to keep warm at the office

Researchers in Canada recently found that mood influences how hot or cold we feel. The study revealed that people who are lonely or socially excluded are more aware of the cold. So, according to this theory, if you want to get warm, get social, get active, get out of the house.

As mentioned elsewhere, I am a cold person. I wear a hoodie to the mall in summer. I wear jackets, scarves and long sleeves to my office. I have begged for space-heater-authorization claiming a genetic lack of warmer-genes.

I am told there are a few other things we cold people women can do to stay warmer in the office (even in the summer):

  • Dress in layers even in the summer. Cover your torso with a thin camisole – long or short sleeves underneath your dress or blouse. Keeping your core warm will keep all of you warmer.
  • Wear longer skirts. This works even in the summer months to keep your legs warmer in the office. In the summer months just wear lighter fabrics and colors.
  • Cover your pulse points that are typically exposed. Those will usually be the radial in your wrist, the brachial on the bicep, and the facial and carotid in your neck. There are also the popliteal behind the knee, the posterior tibial just above the ankle, and the dorsalis pedis on the top of the foot.  You could also go so far as to wear a hat in the office and cover the temporal pulse point  near the eye but that’s going to give you hat-hair and we can’t have that. It is better to look good than feel good particularly if there are better options.
  • Wear boots with warm socks under pants. This works even in the summer since who knows you have boots on? Socks by the way, are a biggie. Choose natural fiber socks. I have loved cushioned Thorlos for ages. They are not pretty for work but then you’re wearing them with boots.
  • Wear scarves like jewelry. They come off at will and offer a number of fashion statements in addition to keeping your neck pulse points covered. The tube type scarf tends to look a lot less wintery and since it doesn’t wrap and dangle it works better in the office and stays out of the way.
  • Personally, I also suggest wrist warmers or fingerless gloves.  I designed the Annies and call them wrist gloves. Wrist gloves or wrist warmers are meant to keep your fingers free and  your pulse points covered while still looking good (not wintery) in the office.  So, put regular gloves over them if you’re going out to throw a snowball.
  • And finally, avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine. Both increase blood flow to the skin stealing warmth from your core and making you feel colder. I think I can avoid alcohol at work (at least most of the time) but caffeine – that’s going to be a problem.

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