Why are women so cold!?

Why are women so cold!? I can’t think of one man that hasn’t voice this complaint at some point.  Just another incompatibility we must compromise on to get along. Nobody agrees and science apparently hasn’t figured it out or maybe they just don’t care.  One doctor friend said it’s metabolism.  Another said it’s body fat.  One interesting source said it was because women have a higher ratio of surface to volume than men and thus shed heat faster ( i.e. the smaller you are, the lower your heat dissipation ratio, and the colder you are).  A couple of scientists claim that women are better at conserving heat than men; we have a more evenly distributed fat layer and can pull blood back to the core organs leaving our hands and feet cold but not our heart.  Ahhh. That’s nice. Let’s go with that.

The options are few if you’re a man because, well, you just have to go along with it and sweat it out, right? I mean, seriously, you’re not going to fight us on this, are you?

For women you can wear tights, pop on a sweater or scarf, put a heater under your desk (if your  employer will let you) or get an office Snuggie or Slanket!  A while back Fast Company (the business magazine) had some follow-on product suggestions for the Snuggie creator (a man, by the way – obviously sick of hearing his wife complain!). One of my favorites was the Fuel Cell Snuggie.  Evidently, there is enough static electricity generated by the 100% polyester  (that would be plastic!)  to power a small city.  I suggest they attach a cord to the Snuggie so we can run the television! Add some footies and a couple of big pockets for snacks and a soda and we won’t have to leave the couch at all. No more complaining from you cold women!


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